President: Bajram Begaj

Prime Minister: Edi Rama

Party in government: Socialist Party of Albania (PS)

Latest Polls

DateFieldworkSample SizePSPDPLPSDPDIUPD (Basha)VOLTCommissioner
IPOP699-Apr-20236-Apr-202266650,036,06,03,0  3,0 
REPORT TV14-Sept-2023Sept 20231.10251,930,95,3  7,0 REPORT TV

Latest Elections

Parliamentary Elections
Registered Voters3.588.869
Votes Cast1.661.17646,29 %
Valid Votes1.578.117
Invalid Votes83.0595,00 %
Blank Votes 
Date: 25 April 2021

Political PartyLogo%VotesSeats
1.Socialist Party of Albania | PS48,67768.13474
2.Democratic Party of Albania – Alliance for Change PD
Together with: Freedom Party of Albania | PL
Party for Justice, Integration and Unity | PDIU
Republican Party of Albania | PR

1.Freedom Party of Albania | PL6,81107.5384
1.Social Democratic Party of Albania | PSD2,2535.4753
4.Hashtag Initiative | NISMA0,6510.217 
2.Democratic Conviction | BD0,528.239 
2.Movement for Change   0,457.054 
2.Albanian Democratic Movement Party   0,304.705 
New Movement Party   0,243.767 
New Democracy Alliance Party   0,203.232 
1.Albanian National Front Party | PBK0,121.946 
People’s Union Alliance Coalition   0,091.376 
Independents   0,274.247