President: Vahagn Khachaturyan

Prime Minister: Nikol Pashinyan (KP~ EPP|S&D)

Parties in government: Civil Contract (KP~ EPP|S&D), United Labour Party (MAK-*)

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Parliamentary Elections
Registered Voters2,595,334 
Total Votes Cast1,281,37549.37 %
Valid Votes1,276,69399.63 % 
Invalid/Blank Votes4,6820.37 %

Political PartyLogo%VotesSeatsEU
5.Civil Contract53.95688,76171
1.Armenia Alliance21.11269,48129
1.I Have Honor Alliance5.2266,6507
1.Prosperous Armenia3.9550,4440
5.Hanrapetutyun Party3.0438,7580
5.Armenian National Congress1.5419,6910
5.Shirinyan-Babajanyan Alliance of Democrats1.5019,2120
3.National Democratic Pole1.4918,9760
5165 National Conservative Movement Party1.2215,5490
5.Bright Armenia1.2215,5910
Liberal Party1.1714,9360
Homeland of Armenians Party1.0313,1300
5.Armenia is Our Home0.9512,1490
8.Democratic Party of Armenia0.395,0200
3.Awakening National Christian Party0.364,6190
Free Homeland Alliance0.324,1190
5.Fair Armenia Party0.313,9140
5.Sovereign Armenia Party0.313,9150
1.Citizen’s Decision0.303,7750
5.European Party of Armenia0.192,4400
Freedom Party0.141,8440
Rise Party0.101,2330
United Homeland Party0.089640
1.National Agenda Party0.067190
All-Armenian National Statehood Party0.068030

Presidential Elections